Which Metro Stations Have Free Parking In Dubai?

Is today free parking in Dubai?

All public parking areas in Dubai, except for multi-level parking terminals, will be free of charge during the UAE National Day holiday (Tuesday, December 1 to Thursday, December 3, 2020), the Roads and Transport Authority announced on Sunday.

Free parking has also been announced in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah..

Is parking free in Dubai Mall?

The Dubai Mall is an exception to the rule – the huge shopping centre offers free all-day parking for anyone who wishes to use one of its 14,500 spaces. … And, like many other malls in the country, it offers completely free parking at the weekends and on public holidays.

Is Dubai parking free on Friday?

Parking is free on Fridays and public holidays. People with special needs are entitled to park free of charge. Parking fees can be paid by: official currency coins.

Is Sleeping allowed in Dubai Metro?

First and foremost you cannot sleep in the waiting areas of the Metro, but you can sleep while in transit. If you get caught in the waiting areas, a Dh300 fine awaits you.

How much is parking card in Dubai?

Parking Cards Roadside parking The new seasonal card rates for roadside parking are Dh1,400 for three months, Dh2,500 for six months and Dh4,500 for one year. Parking lots The new rates for seasonal parking cards for parking lots are Dh700 for three months, Dh1,300 for six months and Dh2,500 for one year.

Until when is the free parking in Dubai?

Motorists can park their vehicles from December 1, until December 3, 2020. Regular parking fares will resume from December 5, 2020. This decision, however, excludes parking zones that are subject to parking fees, on all days of the week, inclusive of Fridays and public holidays.