What Is The Minimum Percentage Required For Science Stream In 11th CBSE?

Which stream is easy?

Students pursuing the Commerce or Science stream will almost always find the transition from their stream to the humanities stream comfortable and easy..

Which group is easy in 11th?

The best group in class 11 is bio maths group but it is the toughest of all. Then comes csc group and then commerce group. Commerce group is the easiest of all the group and it is also a good group and it has many opportunities nowadays.

Which subject is best for 11?

The board offers many choices, but the most commonly-opted for optional subjects with science are: Medical – Psychology, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Economics, Home Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education.

Is Class 11 Science hard?

Science is the most popular stream chosen by students in class 11. But, Science is also considered a very hard stream to cope with often putting the students under a lot of pressure. But nothing is too tough with the right planning, thought and hard work to you have the recipe for success.

How much percentage is required for PCM?

To be eligible for JEE Mains a candidate must have qualified class 12th with PCM and secured a minimum of 50% aggregate as well as seperately in PCM in the qualifying examination. For NITs, IITs, IIITs, and GFTIs, you must have secured 75% aggregate or be in top 20 percentile in the respective boards.

Which stream is best for 11th CBSE class?

SCIENCE STREAM: The Science stream offers many lucrative traditional career options such as Medicine, Engineering & Technology and Pure Sciences. Students who choose Science in school can opt for Commerce and Humanities Stream for undergraduate studies if they wish to move out of the Sciences.

Is 80% a good score?

A – is the highest grade you can receive on an assignment, and it’s between 90% and 100% B – is still a pretty good grade! This is an above-average score, between 80% and 89% … D – this is still a passing grade, and it’s between 59% and 69%

Is 11th PCM hard?

IT’S a dam true that to study 11(PCM) is not a easy task to play with. But that choosing any one is wholely depends on your intrest.. IF YOU LOVE SOCIAL THEORY then go for Humamanities. Because brother presently m also a PCM student going towards my 12th.

Is PCM better or PCB?

If you want a quick answer, take PCB if you want to study medicine after 12. Take PCM if you want to pursue engineering after 12. Take both (PCMB) if you are not sure what you want to study. If you like to do courses in basic sciences, then you can choose your preferred subjects accordingly.

What is the minimum marks for science stream in CBSE?

The minimum percentage for go to the Science stream is around 60%.

How can I get PCM in Class 11?

PCM is a Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For 11th PCM stream candidate must have passed 10th class from a recognized board.

How many percentage is required for science?

60%The minimum percentage for go to the science stream is around 60% . But as the science stream is tough so that one should join the science stream if one got minimum 75% in 10th so that one can study well in science .