What Is The Greatest Irony Of The Diamond Makers Life?

Who cut diamonds?

We previously discussed diamond saws, and in general diamond cutting they use a motorized diamond saw (circular blade) and drop the diamond on top of it, then examine it by microscope.

Gemcutters are well trained in looking for flaws and knowing the exact direction to cut the diamond in..

What do you call a person who makes jewelry?

A jeweler is a person who makes, sells, and repairs jewelry and watches. 2. countable noun.

Why is the narrator shocked when the man talks about throwing away Name wealth position and doing a small business?

Answer. Explanation: The man was raged,dirty,unshaven, unkempt. … When such a man talks about throwing away name,wealth,position and doing a small business Narrator was shocked.

Was the diamond maker successful?

The diamond maker has achieved what he set out to achieve, make diamonds. However he is far from happy. If anything he is living a miserable life one in which he has very little control of. The end of the story is also interesting as Wells may be exploring the theme of regret.

What would you have done if you were in the narrator’s place the diamond maker?

Answer. If I would have been there in the narrator’s place in H.G Wells’ story ‘The diamond maker’, then perhaps I would have bought a diamond from the maker without judging him by his physical appearance and financial position.

What was the appearance of the diamond maker?

Despite his appearance he talks like an educated businessman. He has a bag of what appear to be uncut diamonds. One, which is as big as the tip of a thumb, he offers to sell for a hundred pounds, but the narrator is suspicious.

Where did the diamond maker meet the narrator?

Answer. Answer: ,ans: The Narrator met the mysterious man on waterloo bridge in chancery lane.

What does a gemologist do?

A gemologist, also known as a jeweler or gem expert, works with and identifies precious stones and gems. The main tasks of a gemologist are carefully studying certain gems and stones, using microscopes and other magnifying equipment, and determining the gems’ make, value, and authenticity.

What is a diamond maker called?

A person who practices lapidary is known as a lapidarist. … In modern contexts, a gemcutter is a person who specializes in cutting diamonds, but in older contexts refers to artists who produced hardstone carvings; engraved gems such as jade carvings, a branch of miniature sculpture or ornament in gemstone.

Why was the narrator not keen on buying diamonds from him?

Answer. Answer: The narrator was not keen about buying diamonds from him as he did not believe stranger completely.

What is the irony of the diamond makers life?

the narrator only has to live with the fact that he missed an opportunity to further increase his wealth. Something that the narrator will be able to live with. Whereas the diamond maker if he is still alive is most likely living a life of destitution. Though he does still have his diamonds.

Why did the diamond maker have to leave his room in a hurry?

Answer. The man tells him that he has spent years on a project to make diamonds. It was done secretly , so that others would not copy his work, and …