What Is Patrick Maloney Referring To When He Says I Know Its Kind Of A Bad Time To Be Telling You?

What Mary tells Patrick?

He tells Mary that he will provide for her and make sure that she is looked after.

To all intents and purposes, Patrick is telling Mary that he is leaving her.

In a short story, the author has to skilfully build up to the rising action and subsequent climax fairly quickly..

What are Mary Maloney’s reasons for covering up the crime?

What are Mary Maloney’s reasons for covering up the crime? She covered it up because she didn’t want to take the chance that her baby would die.

Why doesn’t Dahl tell the reader exactly what he said to Mary?

Dahl doesn’t give us the exact details of what Patrick Maloney tells his wife, Mary. What we do know from their conversation is that he wants to leave her and wishes that there would be no fuss about it because that would affect his job. More so, he tries to assure her that she would be taken care of.

What happens to upset Mary?

She is contented with her life and does all that she can to be a good wife to her husband, eagerly awaiting his homecoming after work every day.

What do you think it was that Patrick told his wife?

What do you think it was that Patrick told his wife and why do you think so? He was leaving her or wants a divorce. Because he tells her “Of course I’ll give you money and see you’re looked after.”

Which words indicate that Mary doesn’t think before she strokes her husband?

“And without any pause” indicates that she didn’t think before she hit him over the head.

Why did Patrick leave Mary?

Hover for more information. I think the author Roald Dahl makes it clear that Patrick Maloney is not leaving his wife Mary because he is involved with another woman. He is so regular in his habits that he could hardly be seeing another woman on the side.

How is Mary Maloney feeling as she waits for her husband to come home?

Q. Why is Mary Maloney smiling as she waits her husband’s return at the beginning of the story? She knows she will get even with him that night. She loves him and always finds his return a “blissful time of day.”

Why does Mary insist the police eat the leg of lamb?

Mary encourages the officers to eat the leg of lamb because it is the weapon she used to kill her husband. After they eat it, she has gotten rid of the evidence that links her to the murder.

What is Mary’s reaction to killing her husband?

In a daze, she goes down to get meat for dinner, and before she even realizes what she has done, she bashes her husband over the head with the frozen leg of lamb. The reason is her shock and dismay at a man who she loved so dearly betraying her and leaving her and her baby to fend for themselves in the world.

Why do you suppose he chose the leg of lamb?

I think he chose a leg of lamb because a lamb is an innocent animal. It’s ironic because she is not innocent but appears to be throughout the entire story. Dahl includes a few lines of black humor that hold a bit of dramatic irony for the reader, who knows more than the grocer or the police.

How would you describe Patrick Maloney?

The husband of Mary Maloney, Patrick Maloney is a police detective who cares more about his work than his marriage. Despite Mary’s best attempts to make him comfortable and care for him, he does not reciprocate her efforts or feeling.

Why does Patrick want to leave his wife?

I think that the most likely reason is that he is bored with her and that he wants someone who will be a bit less subservient and uninteresting. From the first part of the story, it seems that the two of them have a pretty set routine. He comes home and then she waits on him — gets him everything he wants, etc.

Why does Mary go ahead and make supper after all?

Mary provided the meal for the policemen for two reasons: to show that she had been preparing a meal for her husband which was part of her alibi; and to get rid of the weapon so that nothing could ever be proven about her killing her husband.

What is Mary’s first concern as she builds her alibi?

Mary’s first concern as she builds her alibi is the not yet born baby. She did not know what the authorities would do with the baby. Mary pampered herself with questions she did not know the answer to, which made her get more nervous and worried.

Who is the victim in lamb to the slaughter?

In Lamb to the Slaughter, Mary Maloney is mostly a victim of circumstances, although she does display indications of being a cold murderer.

How does the title lamb to the slaughter refer to the story?

Origin of Lamb to the Slaughter It also appears in the title of Roald Dahl’s short story Lamb to the Slaughter, where it means ignorance and innocence. Generally, the phrase refers to a person who goes unconcernedly and innocently into a life-threatening or dangerous situation.

What did Mary’s husband tell her?

Mary Maloney’s husband tells her that he will take care of the child that she is carrying, to which she understood that he has been having an affair. She did not say much just that she will be preparing the dinner but later on she did hit his head with the frozen leg of the lamb.