What Is Doceri App?

What is the best whiteboard app for iPad?

Top Interactive Whiteboard AppsDrawp for School.

Collaboration tool makes digital sharing easy.

AWW – A Web Whiteboard.

Functional, affordable interactive whiteboard.


Enliven lessons and presentations with easy-to-use whiteboard tool.

Explain Everything Whiteboard.



Doceri Interactive Whiteboard.

Explee.More items….

Which whiteboard app is best?

Best Digital Whiteboard AppsStormboard. (Web) … InVision Freehand. (Web, Android, iOS) … Sketchboard. (Web) … Explain Everything. (Web, iOS, Android, ChromeOS) … MURAL. (Web) … Miro. (Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android) … Conceptboard. (Web) … OpenBoard. (Windows, macOS and Linux)More items…•

Is there a whiteboard app?

1. Miro (Web, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS): The Best Digital Whiteboard App. Miro makes it easy for newcomers to use a digital whiteboard even if they’ve never tried such an app before. You can use it on desktop or phones and tablets, and it’s best on touchscreens.

How can I use my iPad as a whiteboard team?

Tap the More Options menu (three dots), the select Share. Confirm screen sharing by tapping Start Broadcast – after a 3 second countdown your iPad screen will be shared with the meeting. Navigate back to the iPad’s home screen, then open the Microsoft Whiteboard app.

Do you have to pay for explain everything?

Viewing content created in Explain Everything does not require an account or subscription.

How do you type in explain everything?

Use the Text Tool to express your thoughts and ideas as a fully editable text object. Select the Text Tool icon, choose an area where you’d like to put your text box, and then touch, hold, and drag your finger to adjust its size.

Is doceri free for teachers?

Two Parts: Doceri Desktop and the Doceri iPad App This is free and can be found in the app store. Through the app, teachers can use whiteboard feature and use their iPad as a wireless slate with students. … For example, a teacher could annotate a website or slide presentation and be in other parts of the room.

How much is explain everything?

Explain Everything pricing starts at $6.99 per month. There is a free version.

Does iPad have a whiteboard?

Turn your iPad into your personal interactive whiteboard! ShowMe allows you to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online. It’s an amazingly simple app that anyone can use, no matter how young or old!

Can you type on doceri?

Doceri is the app available for your Windows 8.1+ tablet or for your iPad. This is the primary software that allows you to annotate and such on your respective tablet using your tablet’s touch controls.

Is explain everything safe?

All data is encrypted while in transit and all traffic is performed only through the SSL (https). We store the data on encrypted servers in AWS data centers fulfilling SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 standards. Explain Everything regularly verifies safety of user data with scheduled audits and tests.

How much does doceri cost?

Doceri Desktop is a one-time purchase of just $30.00 (USD) with no annual subscription or maintenance cost requirements. When you purchase a Doceri Desktop license, you will receive a promo code for free enrollment in the Doceri Training Course.