What Is Another Word For Insane?

What’s the opposite of crazy?

What is the opposite of crazy?sanebalancedcompos mentisrealisticresponsiblesmartuncrazycalmclearhealthy29 more rows.

Is it OK to say Psycho?

Don’t call someone a “psycho” Psycho has been adopted into our society as a colloquialism. People refer to a person’s behavior as “psycho” when they don’t agree with it, or they feel they’re acting irrationally. Unfortunately, this is not accurate.

What lunatic means?

Lunatic is an antiquated term referring to a person who is seen as mentally ill, dangerous, foolish, or crazy—conditions once attributed to “lunacy”. The word derives from lunaticus meaning “of the moon” or “moonstruck”.

What insanity means?

Insanity. n. mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior. Insanity is a concept discussed in court to help distinguish guilt from innocence.

What are the 5 signs of mental illness?

The five main warning signs of mental illness are as follows:Excessive paranoia, worry, or anxiety.Long-lasting sadness or irritability.Extreme changes in moods.Social withdrawal.Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping pattern.

What does the word crazy mean?

People use the word “crazy” to mean silly, strange, or outlandish; they use the word as a modifier like “extremely” or “intensely”; they use it to mean irrational or unexplainable; and sometimes they use it to describe mental illness.

Do synonyms list?

other words for doaccomplish.complete.conclude.end.execute.move.perform.prepare.

What is another word for crazy or insane?

Barmy, crazy, mad. Mentally deranged; crazy. (Colloquial) Insane, mad. (Informal) Foolish; slightly crazy or.

What is another word for insanity?

SYNONYMS FOR insanity 1 lunacy, madness, craziness, mania, aberration.

What’s another way to say crazy?

What is another word for crazy?insanemadsickpsychoberserkdementedderangedlunaticmentalpsychopathic222 more rows

What can I say instead of psycho?


Is it OK to say mental illness?

Don’t use: “Mental illness” as an aggregate term Mental illness is a broad term. It doesn’t reflect what a person is actually dealing with. If you say that someone has “cardiac issues,” it doesn’t really offer much information. There are many different types of heart problems someone could have.