Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Wrap Up?

What means wrap up?

to finish something completely / to put something inside paper or cloth.


The phrase “wrap it up” means to finish something completely, and is often used in business situations, especially at the end of meetings..

How do you use wrap up?

wrap upwrap up. | wrap it up. (slang) usually used as an order to tell someone to stop talking or causing trouble, etc.wrap up. | wrap somebody/yourself up. jump to other results. … wrap somethingup. (informal) to complete something such as an agreement or a meeting in an acceptable way That just about wraps it up for today.

What is a wrap up meeting?

To wrap up This is a common way to end a meeting and means to bring something to an end, often with a short summary. ‘Wrap up’ is quite an informal phrase, but it’s fine to use in office situations. E.g. “It’s 1pm so let’s wrap up this meeting and I’ll see you all again next week.”

What is the best definition for to wrap things up?

Definition of wrap up (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : summarize, sum up. 2a : to bring to a usually successful conclusion. b : cinch, sew up has the nomination wrapped up.

How do you end a virtual meeting?

5 Tips for Closing Your Virtual MeetingHave your meeting end process and time listed on the agenda. … Review and note next steps and agreements. … Implement a “closing round” which allows participants 30 seconds to say any insights or issues they have from the meeting. … Acknowledge participants and contributions. … End on time!

What is wrap up in lesson plan?

Class Wrap Up Activities Overview Class wrap up activities can be used to encourage students to reflect on the material they have learned during the class period. These activities are also useful for the instructor; even if they aren’t graded, they allow the instructor to check for understanding.

What’s another word for wrap up?

In this page you can discover 54 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for wrap-up, like: complete, bring to an end or a conclusion, polish off, recapitulation, words, introduce, closing, begin, start, rundown and run-through.

What does wrapped up in your work mean?

to give so much of your attention to something that you do not have time for other things or people: She’s so wrapped up in her work that she hardly sees her kids. (Definition of be wrapped up in sth from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

How do you end a meeting politely?

Here are 4 simple ways to plan a proper end to your meetings, and help everyone make a productive start on next actions.Use a countdown timer. You will absolutely lose peoples’ attention by failing to end on time. … Give a two-minute warning. This idea comes from Mark W. … Initiate a closing round. … Lead a next actions round.

Is wrap up informal?

​(informal) usually used as an order to tell somebody to stop talking or causing trouble, etc.

Can we wrap this up meaning?

to complete or finish something: It’s getting late – let’s wrap it up.