Quick Answer: How Many Seats Did BJP Won In 1998?

Which is the largest and strongest political party in the world?

Parties with over 50 million membersRankNameAbbreviation1Bharatiya Janata Party (Indian People’s Party)BJP2Communist Party of ChinaCPC.

Who ruled India in 1990?

National Front (NF) was a coalition of political parties, led by the Janata Dal, which formed India’s government between 1989 and 1990 under the leadership of N. T. Rama Rao, popularly known as NTR, as President of national front and V. P. Singh as Convener.

How many seats did BJP won in 2014 elections?

The results of the election were declared on 16 May 2014. The Bharatiya Janata Party (of the NDA) achieved an absolute majority with 282 seats out of 543, 166 seats more than in the previous 15th Lok Sabha. Its PM candidate Narendra Modi took office on 26 May 2014 as the 14th prime minister of India.

Who was the youngest MP of India?

Chandrani Murmu (born 16 June 1993) is an Indian politician. She was elected to the Lok Sabha, lower house of the Parliament of India from Keonjhar, Odisha in the 2019 Indian general election as a member of the Biju Janata Dal. Chandrani Murmu is currently the youngest Indian Member of Parliament.

How many times Congress won in India?

Congress became India’s dominant political party; as of 2019, in the 17 general elections since independence, it has won an outright majority on seven occasions and has led the ruling coalition a further three times, heading the central government for more than 54 years.

Where is the next election in India?

Upcoming ElectionsHOUSE/STATEFROMTOWEST BENGAL31.05.201630.05.2021ASSAM01.06.201631.05.2021PUDUCHERRY09.06.201608.06.2021KERALA02.06.201601.06.20211 more row

How many seats did BJP won in 1989?

1989 Indian general electionLeaderRajiv GandhiL. K. AdvaniPartyINCBJPAllianceINC+supported NFLeader’s seatAmethiNew DelhiSeats won197855 more rows

Who was ruling India in 2008?

First Manmohan Singh ministryHead of governmentManmohan SinghMember partyIndian National Congress (UPA and others)Status in legislatureCoalitionOpposition partyBharatiya Janata Party (NDA)13 more rows

How many seats won Congress in 2009?

2009 Indian general electionLeader since22 May 20041 June 2004Leader’s seatRajya Sabha in Assam^GandhinagarLast election145 seats, 26.70%138 seats, 22.16%Seats won206116Seat change61228 more rows

How many states are ruled by BJP now?

State Legislative AssembliesS.No.State / Union TerritoryRuling Party / Ruling Alliance27TelanganaTRS28TripuraBJP+IPFT29Uttar PradeshBJP30UttarakhandBJP27 more rows

How many MLA are in India?

(Article 158 of Indian constitution). The Legislative Assembly consists of not more than 500 members and not fewer than 60.

Who was in power in 1990?

Twelve sitting members from Rajya Sabha were elected to 9th Lok Sabha after the 1989 Indian general election. Later Chandra Shekhar became Prime Minister from 10 November 1990 till 21 June 1991 with outside support from Indian National Congress under Rajiv Gandhi.

Who won 2 seats for BJP in 1984?

Voting was held immediately after the assassination of Indira Gandhi and the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in November and most of India supported Congress. The Bharatiya Janata Party won its first two seats, in Hanamkonda and Mahesana.

How many seats does BJP won?

General election resultsYearLegislatureSeats won200414th Lok Sabha138 / 543200915th Lok Sabha116 / 543201416th Lok Sabha282 / 543201917th Lok Sabha303 / 5436 more rows

Who lost by one vote?

In 1824 – Andrew Jackson won the presidential popular vote but lost by one vote in the House of Representatives to John Quincy Adams after an Electoral College dead-lock.

Who was in power in 1989?

It was the Conservative Party’s first leadership election for nearly 15 years, when Thatcher had taken the party leadership.

How many seats did BJP won in 1999?

1999 Indian general electionPartyBJPINCAllianceNDAINC+Leader since16 May 199619 March 1998Leader’s seatLucknowAmethiSeats won1821147 more rows

How many seats did BJP won in 2004?

StatesStatesPartySeats wonKarnatakaBharatiya Janata Party18Indian National Congress8Janata Dal (Secular)2Independent071 more rows