Quick Answer: Can You Drive Down Rochester High Street?

What is Rochester UK famous for?

Rochester comprises numerous important historic buildings, the most prominent of which are the Guildhall, the Corn Exchange, Restoration House, Eastgate House, as well as Rochester Castle and Rochester Cathedral.

Many of the town centre’s old buildings date from as early as the 14th century up to the 18th century..

What shops are in Rochester?

Shops in RochesterThe Cheese Room. 74 High Street, Rochester, ME1 1JY 1.1 miles.The Herbalist Company. 171 High Street, Rochester, ME1 1EH 1.3 miles.British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical. 8–9 Pentagon Centre, Chatham, North Kent, ME4 4HP 2.1 miles.Waterstones. … Dockside Outlet Centre. … Toys R Us. … Zoyas. … Age Uk Medway.More items…

Does Rochester have a beach?

Beaches in Rochester, Kent The beach guide has 0 beaches listed in and around the town of Rochester.

How much is it to get into Rochester Castle?

Prices FromWithout DonationAdult£7.00Child (5-17 years)£3.50Concession£5.00Family (2 adults, up to 3 children)£17.5017 more rows

Why did Rochester lose its city status?

The cathedral city of Rochester has lost its city status after eight centuries because of an apparent oversight. … The old Rochester-upon-Medway City Council was asked if it wanted to employ charter trustees, who would protect the city’s status. That was deemed unnecessary, resulting in the loss of status.

Did Dickens live in Rochester?

Charles Dickens is fused in the public imagination with the streets of Victorian London but it was really Rochester and the surrounding area near the Medway River that holds the key to the beloved author’s imagination. … Dickens did indeed come to live at that house, Gad’s Hill Place, after he found fame.

How dangerous is Rochester?

Rochester ranked close to Albany with the same violent crime rate of 9.0 and residents having a 1 in 111 chance of being victims. This is just Rochester’s second time on the list, following a No. 80 ranking in 2012. Buffalo has a violent crime rate of 10.2; Queen City residents have a 1 in 98 chance of being victims.

How many hours away is London?

Flying time from United States to London, United Kingdom The total flight duration from United States to London, United Kingdom is 9 hours, 30 minutes. If you’re planning a trip, remember to add more time for the plane to taxi between the gate and the airport runway. This measurement is only for the actual flying time.

How far is Rochester from London?

29 milesThe distance between London and Rochester is 29 miles.

What train line is Rochester on?

Chatham Main LineRochester railway station is on the Chatham Main Line in England, serving the town of Rochester, Kent.

How far is Rochester from Canterbury?

26 milesThe distance between Canterbury and Rochester is 26 miles. The road distance is 31.8 miles.

Is Rochester still a city?

Why was our city status lost? The first Royal Charter to recognise Rochester’s city status was granted during the reign of King Henry III in 1227. In 1974 the City of Rochester became part of a new Borough of Medway, which also included the former Borough of Chatham and part of the former Rural District of Strood.

Is Rochester nice place to live?

Unlike most of the other towns close to the capital, Rochester isn’t largely a commuter town. … A good number of residents work within the town, and only a few people commute to other places for work. Rochester enjoys a relatively high employment rate compared to the national average.

Is Rochester Safe?

With a crime rate of 42 per one thousand residents, Rochester has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 24.

Is Rochester a safe place to live?

For the most part, Downtown Rochester is safe. However, like any other city of a similar size, there are some areas you should probably try to avoid. Areas to the northwest and southwest of downtown are a bit rundown. … You will want to avoid parking in this area as parked car crimes are higher in this area of the city.