Question: Who Wrote The USC Fight Song?

What does fight on mean?

To persist in fightingTo persist in fighting.

The two players fought on until a referee was finally able to get in between them and break it up.

See also: fight, on..

What is a USC Song Girl?

The USC Song Girls are often referred to as “Ambassadors of the University of Southern California.” Each year, the Song Girls learn and perfect new choreography for over thirty routines to keep their performances fresh, new and exciting.

Why does USC do the peace sign?

It looks like you’re giving a peace sign, but it is actually a symbol of the team’s slogan, “Fight On,” and is often shaken to the beat of the fight song that the band always plays at the games.

What is the USC chant?

“Fight On” is the fight song of the University of Southern California. It was composed in 1922 by USC dental student, Milo Sweet, with lyrics by Sweet and Glen Grant, for a student spirit competition. … The term, “Fight On”, is also used as a battle cry for USC fans.

What do you call someone who fights?

n someone who fights (or is fighting) Synonyms: battler, combatant, fighter, scrapper Examples: show 10 examples…

What makes someone a fighter?

Fighting is when that person is coming back at you with equal or greater resistance. That’s what a fighter is, and when it doesn’t go your way and you want to stay in bed in the morning, when that alarm goes off you get your ass up, put your boots on and you go face the world. That’s what a fighter does.