Question: Which Figure Of Speech Is Used In Terribly Transient Feet?

What is the figure of speech in terribly transient feet?


Explanation: hyperbole is the right answer ..

What does terribly transient feet mean?

terribly transient feet – In this phrase, the word feet is used to describe the human beings. … This phrase means that human life is not permanent but temporary. The human beings have to die one or the other day but the sea is permanent . It is still going to be their after our death.

Why does the poet say that the sea appears to have changed less?

In these lines, the poet says that the sea has changed little over the years while the poet’s mother has been dead for years now. it means dear that men may come n men may go but nature goes on foreverso in the same way the poet’s mother died but the sea still dont have any change within it……………

Why has the poet referred to the sea?

the sea has been mentioned in the poem to draw the comparison between the sea and human life. how the sea is immortal and human life is mortal. the sea is still there but not the poet’s mother. It is because the photograph was taken when her mother was at the sea shore.

Why is terribly transient feet a transferred epithet?

Terribly transient feet is a transferred epithet because it was actually a reference to life which was transient and not one’s feet.

Why does the poet call the feet as transient?

The poet is referring to the feet of her mother as seen in the photograph. They are transient because her mother is not alive anymore. … The poet uses the phrase ‘terribly transient feet’ to highlight the temporality of human life. The life of a human being is liminal as compared to the life of a sea.

What is suggested by transient feet?

what is suggested by the “transient feet” in the poem ‘a photograph’? The feet are of the poet’s mother who is no more. … Because the mother has died, her feet is said to be transient. This line/phrase is symbolic of the mortality of man and the contrasting immortality/permanence of nature.

What is the irony in the poem a photograph?

The state of mother being happy in the photograph and the happiness of the poet to see her mother in happy state both are connected to a dark side. Ironically mother is no more to see her happy and at the same time the poet does not have her mother to make the poet herself happy.

What is the poetic device used in silence silences?

PersonificationAnswer. Personification is the poetic device used. The first ‘Silence’ starts with a capital letter making it a person, who silences others. The ultimate Silence of death and the sense of loss of her mother leaves the poet wordless and silent.

What does the poet tells us about the sea?

In the poem ‘Photograph’, the sea represents timelessness. The poet says that the sea ‘… … The sea is an element of nature where time has little or almost no influence. The poet finds the sea to be just as it was in the photograph of her mother’s sea holiday with her cousins.

How does the poet contrast the girl terribly transient feet with the sea?

The lines, ‘And the sea, which appears to have changed less’ depicts that the sea have stayed the same over the years. It has not changed at all. These lines suggest a sharp contrast to the mortal human life. Human life is transitory and temporary whereas the sea symbolizes permanence, immortality and eternity.

What is the literary device used in transient feet?

Answer. The poetic devices used are “Transferred Epithet” and “Alliteration”.

In what context has the phrase terribly transient feet been used in the poem?

Human life is very short lived, transitory and temporary as compared to the sea which is a symbol of permanence, immortality and eternity. The poet uses the phrase ‘terribly transient feet’ to highlight the temporal nature of human life. The life of a human being is nothing as compared to the life of a sea.

What do you mean by silence silences?

Answer: The silence silences means the loss of her mother’s death. Its silence refers to mother’s death and silence refers to make more silence. The sentence “Its silence silences “here refers that Death is already silent. ‘THE SILENCE SILENCES’ is used.

What is the figure of speech in the cardboard shows me how it was?

In the line from the poem, A Photograph by Shirley Toulson, the figure of speech called “Personification” has been used. … The cardboard is personified and is given the attribute of being able to show something. Hope this helps you!

Which poetic device is used in the phrase the cardboard?

Personification in “Its silence silences.” The cardboard shows me it wasWhen the two girls cousin went paddling, Upvote | 3.