Question: What Is A Landmark Event?

What is this famous landmark?

These monuments and natural wonders connect us to a destination and inspire travel.

In Paris, it’s the Eiffel Tower and in New York City it’s the Statue of Liberty.

All monumental to each place and its history, these 30 landmarks should be on your bucket list when traveling the world..

What is the famous landmark in Africa?

1 | The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt First up on this list of remarkable African landmarks is the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx: the only one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World still in existence and the oldest man-made tourist attraction in Africa, and around the world.

What is landmark example?

An example of landmark is a legal case that is very important. The definition of a landmark is a building or an object that helps you identify a location or the boundary of a piece of land. An example of a landmark is the library that you turn after in your directions.

What is the meaning of landmark?

1 : an object (such as a stone or tree) that marks the boundary of land. 2a : a conspicuous object on land that marks a locality. b : an anatomical structure used as a point of orientation in locating other structures. 3 : an event or development that marks a turning point or a stage.

What is another word for landmark?

Synonyms of landmarkclimacteric,climax,corner,milepost,milestone,turning point,watershed.