Question: What Does SAO Mean In Texting?

What does SAO stand for?

SAOAcronymDefinitionSAOSao Paulo (Capital City; Brazil)SAOSword Art Online (Japanese light novel series)SAOStudent Activities OfficeSAOState Auditor’s Office65 more rows.

What does SAO mean in school?

Standard Application OnlineThe Standard Application Online (SAO) is a free service provided by The Enrollment Management Association to member schools, in which students submit their information, essays, transcripts, and recommendations just once, online, to apply to as many of the nearly 500 member schools that accept it as they like.

What does MAFU mean in Samoan?

spoiled or rottonFanatical effort. Unity. It almost seems as if it was more of a case of mac wanting to build words around “MAFU” for whatever reason. Although the word in Tongan means heart…in Samoan it means spoiled or rotton.

What does MHG mean in texting?

MHG. My Holy Grail. MHG. Mystery Hot Girl (slang)

What does ITH mean in texting?

Insert Title HereITH — Insert Title Here.

What does SAO mean in Samoan?

English to SamoanEnglish to Samoan Meaning : Access : sao.

Who is MHG?

MHG Hotels is one of the largest privately owned progressive companies specializing in providing investor and career opportunities, development, construction, and management services. … Our vision is to become the most respected management company in the hospitality industry.

What mmHg means?

Blood pressure is measured in units of millimeters of mercury (mmHg). The readings are always given in pairs, with the upper (systolic) value first, followed by the lower (diastolic) value.

What is a Gubler?

Swiss German: topographic name from the South German dialect term gubel ‘mountain crest’, ‘rocky outcrop’ + the -er suffix denoting an inhabitant.

What does THX mean in texting?

thanksInterjection. thx. (Internet slang, text messaging) Abbreviation of thanks.