Question: How Do You Tell If A Socket Is A Spur?

Can I use a plug instead of a fused spur?

CDW Electrical Ltd “The regulations state that the appliance needs to be fused, either with a plug or a fused spur.

So as long as the plug sockets are accessible without touching the appliance to turn it off then this is fine, but also a fused spur is fine too.”.

Can I put 2 double sockets on a spur?

you can have maximum one double socket as a normal spur but if you are going from socket to FCU fused at 13 amp from there you can add as many sockets as you wish as all the sockets and cable will be protected by the fuse so no chance of overloading the cable the fuse will blow first.

Can I spur a double socket off a single?

If the socket is part of the ring, then he cannot spur another socket off it. Only one unfused spur of a single or double socket can be spurred from each socket outlet on the ring or stationery equipment on the ring.

How many sockets can you have on a ring main?

13AThe IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) permit an unlimited number of 13A socket outlets (at any point unfused single or double, or any number fused) to be installed on a ring circuit, provided that the floor area served does not exceed 100 m2.

How much does it cost to fit an outdoor socket?

On that basis, average costs will be £37.50 for the materials and £105 for the labour. This means the total cost to install outdoor sockets is £142.50 on average….Cost to install outdoor socket.Outdoor plug socket costsCost + VAT (Range low – high)Average costCost to install outdoor socket (labour)£80 – £130£1052 more rows

Can I run an outside light from a socket?

Outside sockets should be RCD protected anyway and providing you use IP rated light fittings you can use them and plug into the socket. … The answer to your question is NO you dont need an RCD to protect your lights. If it is Class 1 equipment (exposed metal parts) then they must be earthed.

What cable should I use for an outdoor socket?

The choice of cable running to the exterior socket should be, as a minimum, 2.5mm2 twin and earth (TWE) housed in conduit, which could be the mini trunking type or a round design.

Do I need an electrician to add a socket?

Installing plug sockets yourself is a complicated job that must be done by a professional electrician to avoid any health and safety hazards. It should be noted that all electrical products such as plug sockets must be installed in accordance with local Building Regulations.

How long does it take to install a plug socket?

around 1-2 hoursIt can take around 1-2 hours to install a new plug socket. This time will increase if considerable new wiring is needed, or in the case of an extension will take a lot longer if the room hasn’t yet been wired.

How many sockets can be on a spur?

How Many Sockets Can Be on a Spur? Only one spur can be connected to a single socket.

Is it OK to spur off a socket?

The easiest way of connecting into a ring circuit is to run a spur cable from the terminals of an existing socket – but you can’t connect it to any socket. … You mustn’t run a spur from a socket that’s already on a spur, or that already supplies a spur.

Can you spur off an outside socket?

You can wire an external socket in the same manner as a normal spur, by running the cable from a socket or junction box on a main ring circuit (via a switched connection unit) and mounting the socket on an external wall. … Some types of socket even have weatherproof covers that will protect it whilst it’s in use.