How Does The Tiger Feel Confined In The Cage?

What would the Tiger do in Forest?

What would the tiger do in a forest.

In the forest, the tiger can enjoy complete freedom.

He would walk around freely without any fear.

He would terrorize the villagers by growling..

How does the tiger feel in the cage class 10?

Answer: The tiger feels very helpless in the cage. He stares with hope at the brilliant stars shining in the sky. He hopes for the day when he would be able to run free in the wild.

What is the tiger attitude towards visitors?

Answer. Answer: The tiger is not comfortable in the part of the cell and it has not natural habitat and other problem. He treats the tiger imprisoned in a cell and he takes no interest in the visitors so it will be more comfortable for the people to stay and watch the tiger in zoo in a fine manner at every time.

What two disadvantages does the tiger have in the cage?

It misses it’s all freedoms in the forest where it should be lurking in the shadows, stalking it’s prey in the long grass near water hole, where the plump deer pass. It feels so lonely in the cage and as it is a wild animal who is king of himself in the wild, he has now only a few steps to walk in the cage.

How should the Tiger walk through the grass?

Answer: the tiger should behave if he is in his natural habitat — the wild jungle. There, he should be silently hiding in the shadow remains unnoticed. Sliding through the long grass he should move stealthily to ambush his prey.

What does the tiger do at night?

The tiger leads a solitary and nocturnal life. With better vision at night than during the day, it also relies on its exceptional hearing to hunt after sunset. The felines’ prey are also more active during the night. Daytime weather is often too hot to cover long distances looking for food.

How does the tiger behave at night?

The Tiger is a nocturnal animal. It is more active during the night because it’s vision is clearer and it has better chances of catching its prey after sunset due to it’s sharp hearing sense.

Where should the tiger hide to himself?

(d) The tiger should hide to himself near the water hole.

How does being in a cage affect the Tiger mentally and physically?

When the tigers aren’t performing, downtime entails life in a small cage. … Being forced to live their lives in such restricted spaces has a profound physical and mental effect on the tigers that can trigger a number of unnatural behaviors like pacing, head-bobbing, and over-grooming.

How does the poet contrast the tiger in the cage?

The poet begins by saying that the tiger has only a few steps to walk around in his cage. He contrasts this with the vast areas of land the tiger should be lurking in around the jungle. … The poet expects this ferocious animal to be hiding near the water hole, waiting for a plump prey to pass.

How Does a Tiger feel?

Answer: The tiger feels slave in the concrete cell. It feels like a prisoner. It misses its freedom in the forest where it should be lurking in the shadows; stalking its prey in the long grass near water hole, where deer come to drink water and where it lurks to pounce on them.