Can You Reply To A Hidden Comment On Facebook?

Can someone see if you’ve hidden their comment on Facebook?

Hiding the Facebook comment will keep it hidden from everyone except that person and their friends.

They won’t know that the comment is hidden, so you can avoid potential fallout..

Why is a comment hidden on Facebook?

1 Answer. Facebook has comment spam filters that will, by default, hide certain comments (unless the post owner goes in and manually unhides them). The comments remain in the comment count but don’t show up to the public (if it’s your post you can see three dots and click to manage the spam posts).

Who can see my reply to a comment on Facebook?

It will be listed under the comment, beneath your reply. And here’s the nice part: Only you and any others who have replied to the comment will be notified about it! As you can see someone commented on my posting, I then replied to that comment, and then 6 other people replied to that reply.

Can I delete my comment on someone else’s post?

Removing a Comment Someone Else Made on Your Post You will need to find the specific post you want to remove, but from there, just hover over it and look for the … icon again. … icon to see your options. As a Page, you can choose to delete the comment or you can hide it.

Who can see a hidden comment on Facebook?

1. Hide the post or comment. To hide a comment, hover over the top-right hand “x” and click “Hide.” Now the post can only be seen by the person who wrote the comment and his or her friends. They’ll have no idea the post is hidden, and you can always click “Unhide” later if you like.

How do I remove my name from a Facebook comment?

To remove the Facebook comment tag, follow the steps below:Navigate to the comment where your friends tagged you.Tap and hold till more options appear on the screen.Select ‘Find Support or Report Comment’More options will appear on the screen.Find and select ‘Remove tag’ option.You’ll be removed from the comment.

Can someone see if you edit a comment on Facebook 2020?

Except, as it turns out, those tiny fixes and changes aren’t so secret after all. Anyone who can see your post can see a full history of its edits. All they have to do is click the gray text that reads “Edited” at the bottom of your comment, just to the left of the “Like” button.

How do you hide a comment on Facebook?

To hide a comment from a post on your Page: Click to the right of the comment you’d like to hide. Select Hide comment.

What happens if you reply to a hidden comment?

Remember, that if you hide a comment, its author and their Facebook friends will still be able to see it and to reply in sub-comments. Mind that hiding Facebook comments holds back any notifications regarding this particular hidden comment thread.

What does a hidden comment on Facebook look like?

Hiding comments on Facebook will simply make the comment disappear from your point of view—the person who posted it as well as any common friends you share with them will still be able to view it. … You, the person who posted it, and the friends you have in common will no longer be able to see it.

How do I hide a reply?

How to hide a replyFrom a reply to one of your Tweets, click or tap the icon.Select hide reply and confirm.To view your hidden replies, click or tap the hidden reply icon which will be available in the bottom-right of your original Tweet.

Can you hide all comments on Facebook?

You can find this option under Facebook Page Settings > General > Page Moderation. This will hide all incoming comments on your facebook posts and ads.